2 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin: Experts Exchange EEple Badge

  1. Hello Theo,

    First of all, thanks for the plugin, it’s great! And it would be even greater if you could somehow add an A tag to it so that it’s obvious for everyone that it’s actually clickable, on the user’s name for instance?

    In any case, thanks for a cool plugin!

    PS: you should put a final comment on your old WordPress blog telling people that you’ve moved (I ended up there initially and it’s only after I browsed around a bit and saw your latest tweets that I found out about this new one).

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Theo,

    As you know I’ve been using your WP plugin for a while now. Unfortunately, due to the new version of the EE site, it’s no longer working. I’ve been trying to get the official EE badge to work on my WP blog, but that seems to be harder than I’d expected.

    Will you be updating your plugin to make it compatible with EE v10?

    Best regards,

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