Internet Explorer 9 – Incomplete Comparison Chart

As an IT Administrator, part of my job involves the selection of a browser for all the computer in my network. With the majority of major browsers having just released or are soon to release a new version, I decided it was time to start evaluating each version. I gave Microsoft the first chance, as I use Group Policy and like having that natively. After reading about the new features, I went over to the Comparison Chart that they provide.

Now I know that marketing strategy says to show why your product is better than the others, but don’t you think one of the biggest tech companies in the world would at least do some research??? Enough is enough, Microsoft.

Let’s look in detail at their comparison chart (snipped from Microsoft’s Comparison Chart).

Update: Internet Safety and Privacy Concerns

As a follow-up to my post “Internet Safety and Privacy Concerns…are you protected?” I found a post on Google’s Security blog talking about Fake Antivirus programs, or FakeAV, which talks about how real of a threat this is, and how we seem to be doing better at handling it.

The post can be found at

Review: Dell Mini 10v

Dell Mini 10v

I needed a computer I could take with me. My last laptop was an HP tx1000 Convertible that I’ve given to my father. That laptop was used for some personal, but mostly business. My next laptop was going to be for personal only. I had seen the cheesy Dell “candy” commercials (got the song stuck in my head and everything!) and liked the idea of a netbook. Sacrifice an optical drive for a lightweight ultraportable? Yes, please.

Tutorial: IP Addresses and Subnetting

When you connect your computer to the internet, your computer is given an Internet Protocol (IP) address.  If you check your connection settings, you will commonly see two similar values; one is called a subnet and the other a gateway.  Have you ever wondered what these three actually mean and what they do?